Saturday, 20 February 2016

Going Mobile with WINDOWS 10- Lumia 550

Oh no-disaster lost my phone.......well not so much of a disaster, it is my Windows demo phone......what do I do?  Go buy a new one!!!!!!

Having to purchase a new Windows 10 phone for demo purposes within my classes after the loss of my old Lumia. I opted for the LUMIA 550 and eventually got it from Carphonewarehouse based in PW World at Crown Point. I had checked out the other various suppliers around and on-line, but the deal I managed to get was very good. The phone on its own unlocked is priced at £99, but if you get it as a PAYG with £10 top up, it is £61 and the thing is that it is also unlocked, so the £10 EE PAYG SIM can be sold or given away or used anyway. 

Microsoft LUMIA 550:
An excellent phone for the price, screen as large as my iPhone 6, only downside is the number of apps that are available in the windows store, nothing like the Apple of Google ones, but it is a smart phone and good value.

The SIM:
The included SIM was from EE and this is like any other PAYG service. However, I am opting for a SIM from GIFF GAFF which is a PAYG service with the option to buy a monthly 'Goody Bag' which is a number of differently priced packages of calls, texts and data.

So, if you fancy a windows device give the LUMIA 550 a go, if you need a cheap not contracted service try GIFF GAFF
Click the link below to go get your free SIM Card