Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Blogging- How to get started

BLOG is truncated from WEBLOG.....

 ......which is a method of expressing yourself to the wide wide world via the World Wide Web.....

Although some people use other forms of social media for that purpose, like Facebook...where some people open up their whole life to their 'friends'.

A blog is more like an online authoring tool, it allows you to become the author which you always wanted to be and publish your stories without having to print a book. 

Added features also include the easy addition of photographs, graphics and drawings and also embedded videos (mind you a link to a You Tube channel is probably a better wat ow doing it and saving memory space)

So How do I start?  Very easy...this Blog is hosted on BLOGSPOT or BLOGGER as it is known by both names

1. go to www.blogger.com

2. Create an account with an email address and password (blogger is a Google owned systems and your google acount is the best way to access it)

3. Start writing

4. Preview - see what it looks like!

5. Publish

6. Copy the URL (the www.???? bit) and share with others

Simple as that!

Remember though - this is for your thoughts which you want to world to read about, it is not a private diary, there are other applications for that. So be creative and spread the words.....