Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Free Office Software

As most people know, Microsoft Office is the default package used by lots of companies and individuals alike. However, although there is now a free on line version, there are also a number of alternative Office packages available completely free of charge...and with no catches...3 different ones spring to mind:

Soft Office, Open Office and my own favourite

Just do a search on the web, download and run the installer. 

However, please note...these free packages default to an open document format when you save a file. To make it completely compatible, change the save format to WORD Doc format so it integrates with the MS Word software.

There are also free versions for the MAC OS and also Linux

Use the comments to let me know your favourite......

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Are your passwords secure.......watch this short video

Each time you register with a new shopping site or email or newsletter or bank, you have to give some user name (can be your email or a bespoke made up name), plus you need a password.  The site usually has some rules on how this password is made up. 

All now are saying at least 8 characters, some with upper case, and/or numbers/ and or symbols. However, as the interview on the video suggests even these 8 character password are easy to crack by a auto program running on a computer.

So watch the video and as the question....'are my passwords good enough', take the advice and change it....let me know what you think in the comments....thanks to my colleague Vic for searching out this video clip.....