Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Photo Software - Fotor

Fotor is a piece of free software for the PC MAC and also there ate apps for iOS (iPad etc). I first saw it in use on Kate Russel's Webscape slot on BBC/Click. In addition to creating interesting effects, it also has a Collage creation section, much like the one in Picasa3, but much more versatile. 

Photo Software - Picasa 3

Whether you are a fan of Google and all the associated apps, I have used PICASA3 from the Google stable for many years. It is completely free, it organises your photo files into an easily viewable form, you can also add enhancements, crop, straighten and lots more...and of course you can undo the effect if you don't like it....and only save to the original file once you are satisfied.

One feature is the re-touch button, a very simple method to do small touch ups. It can be used as a stand alone programme or if you have a Google account, you can access the free web space and upload to on-line albums. It also links to Google+.

Picasa 3 gives you many features, more than can be described here, give it a try.....have a go at the Collage feature.....

Give it a try....leave me a comment

Tips from the Yorks Tech Guy

There are lots of free software around at the moment, some good and some not so good, with some of the not so good managing to screw up your operating system or install some annoying toolbar onto your Web Browser.

Here I am going to share some of the free software which has been tested, hopefully giving you the confidence to install without worry.

If you also have any suggestions which you have personally tried, then drop me a comment.