Saturday, 21 February 2015

Chrome Incognito mode Desktop Icom

Sometimes it is useful to have a desktop icon to launch Google Chrome in incognito mode, this is especially a good move if, like I do, use pool laptops for courses and job seeker usage. It is easier for learners to open chrome directly rather than opening in normal mode and looking for the incognito menu option, which is very easy to forget.

  1. Navigate to Chrome's installation folder
C:\Program files (x86) \Google\Chrome\Application
  1. Right click on Chrome.exe and select  Send to  - Desktop
  2. Go to the new desktop icon, right click and select Properties
  3. Go into the Target field, at the end of the field after the quote mark (") add a space then type   -incognito (don't forget the minus sign before the i)
  4. Apply and then OK
  5. Go on to the icon description, right click and then rename to "Incognito Chrome" or "Private Browse" or something else relevant.
 So a double click on this icon should launch direct into the incognito mode

Please try this out and comment if it works for you......