Sunday, 24 May 2015

Keeping your data extra safe

Although we do use a password to log in to our PC or MAC these days, (well lots of people do), there are times when you may forget to log out, or there is even software to bypass the login system. So if you want to be really secure, you can employ additional encryption software to add extra secret and protected folders to your computer filing system. This can be on either Windows or MAC. If you have recently purchased a memory stick, there is generally some encryption software included so you can protect your data if your memory stick becomes lost (and believe me, this is quite a regular occurrence....).

There are a couple of encryption packages I have used with my Windows PC and my Apple MAC which seem to work. BUT BE WARNED, if you forget your password, there is no recovery system.

For the Apple MAC, use   PRIVACY BOX  available from the Apple Store (not free about £1.50), screen shot below.

For Windows use   SAFEHOUSES, available from   screen shot below

They both work in a similar way, but follow the instructions carefully....

Let me know if you use either of these and how you get on with them