Monday, 6 June 2016

JPEGs and PDFs

Working with JPEGs and PDFs - Getting your messages out there

First a couple of definitions:

JPEG stands for 'Joint Photographic Experts Group', which is the name of a body which set the standard on how a photograph is compressed and stored. 

PDF stands for "Portable Document Format" which is a format where files are presented independently of any particular application software or system. 

Both of these formats have their own particular use and features. It is useful to understand how and where these types of files can be used. 

JPEG's can be uploaded to Facebook, just like any other photograph, where as PDF's cannot. So if you have just created a poster for an event in WORD or some Desk Top Publisher (eg Pageplus) just as I do, then a conversion to JPG is needed to get your message on your Facebook page. 

PDF's can be used to send via email as all computers usually (I say usually!) have a PDF Reader such as ADOBE ACROBAT. So everyone can read the poster you have just sent. This is particulaly important like in the case of using PAGEPLUS because not may will have this. What about if my poster is in WORD you ask? Yes you can send it in WORD format, but if you have used any non standard FONTS which you recipient does not have, then to poster may not look as you would like it and there is no way to tell beforehand. 

So converting to and sending in PDF is the best way to distribute your message.
PLUS, PDF docs cannot generally be altered. (though there are some programmes which allow this, but usually paid for versions and most people do not have access) 

How do I convert my poster to PDF and JPEG?

All programmes usually have an option to save as in PDF Format, WORD does and Pageplus calls it Publish as...  Once in PDF the file can then be converted into JPEG using one of the FREE on-line converters, I have used:  in the past and it seems to work OK.

A word on Pageplus, this is a Desk Top Publisher and I have been using a version of this since the age of floppy discs 20 years ago, it is now upto version 18 (called X8) and costs about £80. Having said that there is a free version called Pageplus SE, it is not a trail version but it does not have all the features. Much better in my opinion than Microsoft Publisher. 

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